Friday, 8 August 2008

My Italian Family from Como, Italy

When I started researching my ancestors several years ago, I never thought that it would draw me into such a wonderful and highly interesting journey back through the years from here in Spain where I now live, back to Wales where I grew up and finally arriving at the most lovely place on earth Lake Como.

I intend to give an account of my own research and at the same time I hope that I can give guidance to others who need a helping hand with their research. I have had an enormous amount of help from other people, often complete strangers who have spent their time on looking up civil registers for me ............ Thanks to Kay, Carol, Debbie and many others.

This is my way of returning the help given to me.


kay said...

this seems to be a very helpful blog

Valerie said...

Absolutely fascinating - a real detective story. I will certainly have a look at the Patent Rolls in London WHEN I get time! However, my ancestors arrived in England sometime before 1800 - I know for sure they were here in 1803, so I may have problems finding anything. I also do not know for sure whether they were naturalised. Any ideas? Good luck in your searches.

Rod Saunders said...

Great idea for you to have a blog and share your family history research. Also excellent that you, with your extensive genealogy research experience, will be able to engage, and advise, others on how to research in both Italy and the UK.

I wish you luck and well done